GlobeServe Ministries


The Ministry has been a leader in the southeastern section of Ghana in training Pastors and Church leaders in their only non-denominational Bible College in the southeastern section (in the Volta Region) of Ghana. From the early days of the ministry, we felt it was necessary to organically grow leaders for the ministry. As such, the College was established in 1996. Since her inception, 100 Pastors have been trained, of whom twenty (20) are now in full-time work with GlobeServe, and the rest of the graduates are with other denominations in Ghana and Togo leading over fifteen thousand (15,000) men and women in their respective churches in Ghana and Togo. Presently, there are ten (10) students of the College who are serving in various capacities on internship.

The College is founded on the conviction that faith in the atoning work of Jesus Christ on the Cross and total commitment to His Lordship are essential to the Christian life. This belief forms the basis for all aspects of our programme including classroom instruction, counselling, practical training / assignments and ministry training.

The College provides a two-year intensive programme with strong emphasis on practical ministry. It is the philosophy of the College to see that men and women trained as pastors and are pastoring Churches and seeing more people added to their congregations. The goal is to train servant leaders who have had encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, and as a result, see their calling and are empowered by the Lord to be trained and sent out to bring transformation to their communities, hence their nations for Jesus Christ.

The campus which is now located in Accra specifically, New Nmai-Djorn in the Ashaley-Botwe North environ is in affiliation with Association of African Bible Schools, Ghana and BILD International University, Ames IA, USA. The College has hostel facilities available on first-come-first-served basis