Apostolic Council 

Sam Dunya

Founder and General Overseer 

The founder and Director of the GlobeServe Ministries International and the Chairman for the Council. He steers the affairs of the Council during meetings and ensure every member play their respective roles with regards to the Church and its development.

Jònhild Dunya

Wife of the Founder 

She serves  and represents the Women Arm of the Ministry on the Council.

Matthew  Ahoto

General Secretary 

He serves as the Secretary to the Council. He compiles circulates information from the Council to the church. He also liaises with the Secretary of the Office of the General Overseer to coordinate the affairs of the Ministry.

Ebenezer Dunya

Pastoral Care

He serves on the Council as a member who takes care of the affairs of Pastors. He serves as the link between Pastors and the Council thus relay concerns from the Pastors’ Board to the Council for consideration.

Jones Amoako-Atta

Missions Pastor

He is in charge of Missions in the Ministry. He supervises the Missionaries and feed the Council with information gathered from the Missions fields.

Joseph Maclean 


He is in charge of the finances in the Ministry. He manages the finances and reports to  the Administrative Council with statements and budgets. He also represent the Youth of the ministry.

Gershon Midodzi 


He serves as the member in charge of infrastructure development of the church. He supervises all new church buildings under construction and ensure maintenance of the old church buildings.

George Yakah


He serves as the member in charge of Spiritual growth of members and leaders of the church. He collaborates with the Council and the Pastoral Board to draw Spiritual empowerment programs for the ministry.

Emmanuel Lokoh


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Francis Xlornyeku


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Samuel Opoku