In order for GlobeServe to be fully self-supporting and self-sustaining, the Ministry has entered into some projects to make this dream a reality.


In 2000, forty-eight (47) acres of farm ground located near Ho, Ghana was purchased by GlobeServe. Since the time of acquisition, the farm has been improved with the construction of a home, machine shed, two poultry facilities and two fresh water wells.

The ground has been cleared and is producing two crops of corn each year. In addition, five (5) acres of mango, five (5) acres of palm, five (5) acres of orange and five (5) acres of cashew trees have been planted. These trees began producing crops and showing signs of great future harvests.

In 2008, an additional seven (7) acres was purchased adjacent the former. These additional acres are yet to be improved. An additional one hundred (100) acres of farm ground located approximately five (5) Kilometers from this (47-acre) ground is purchased under contract by GlobeServe for farming purposes. The farming project is earmarked to serve as a demonstration farm in the Volta Region and beyond