GlobeServe Ministries


The Institute helps converts, especially, women develop skills to support themselves and their families. Skills such as dressmaking, tailoring, embroidery, crafts, batik tie and dye and business are taught in the School in two to four years. Presently, students are undergoing shoe and bag making as courses in the Institute. At the present, fourteen (14) girls are enrolled. There are five (5) permanent members of staff in the School from various fields of expertise.

GlobeServe believes the fight against HIV/AIDS and poverty will be meaningless unless women are given the needed skills to help them become self-employed. Poverty and HIV/AIDS is having a significant impact on the family unit which has been a key component in the cultural history of Africa. This is especially true in the village life where young men and women are leaving their homes and moving to the cities in search for employment and income opportunities. We believe a key strategy in combating this problem is to teach women the necessary vocational skills to become self-employed.

Over four hundred and eighty (480) girls undergone these trainings and are all self-employed contributing their quota to the development of their communities. This provides them with future income opportunities and allows them to stay within the family village rather than seeking opportunities in the cities. We also seek to make these girls into dynamic disciples of Jesus Christ in their respective communities, through our discipleship training course they take at the School.

At the end of their training, each graduate is presented with a brand new sewing machine and accessories. The main campus is located behind the Police Training School (Police Depot) at Ho in the Volta Region. A branch of this Institute will soon be opened Accra.

The Ministry has plans underway to introduce catering and possibly, carpentry into the curriculum in the shortest possible time.