GlobeServe Center for Africa Missions

"Planting Churches that Plant more Churches and making Disciples that makes more Disciples."

School of Missions and Church Planting

Welcome to the GlobeServe Center for Africa Missions, where we are passionate about planting churches that plant more churches and making disciples who multiply the message of Christ. Our School of Missions and Church Planting equips and sends out missionary church planters to reach the unreached people groups in Ghana and West Africa.

Our Focus

At the GlobeServe Center for Africa Missions, we place a greater emphasis on planting churches that have a multiplying impact. We believe in the power of discipleship and the transformational effect it has on communities. Our training program is designed to equip missionaries with the necessary strategies and skills to effectively reach the unreached and make disciples who will continue the work of spreading the Gospel.

Mission Training Modules

Missionary Entry Strategies
Gospel or Evangelistic Strategy
Discipleship Plan or Strategy
Church Multiplication Strategy and Church Leadership Development.

What you can do

You have the power to make a difference and support the work of GlobeServe's School of Missions and Church Planting . Your financial contributions will directly impact our mission of spreading the Gospel, nurturing disciples, and transforming communities. Here are some ways you can support us:

Your generous donation will help fund our various programs and initiatives, bringing hope and transforming lives.

By pledging a monthly contribution, you provide consistent support for our ongoing ministry efforts, ensuring sustainable impact.

Explore our other ministry efforts and partner with us in specific projects or initiatives, amplifying the reach of our work.