GlobeServe Students and Associates (GLOSA)

Building a Stronger Future

Welcome to the GlobeServe Students and Associates (GLOSA) webpage, where we are dedicated to identifying and equipping the next generational leaders for GlobeServe. GLOSA serves as a platform to engage the members of our churches who are pursuing their educational careers in secondary and tertiary institutions across Ghana.

Our Mission Statement

To honor God by launching spiritual movements, winning, building, and sending Christ-centered multiplying disciples for Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose

GLOSA plays a crucial role in fulfilling GlobeServe's evangelism and discipleship mission on school campuses throughout Ghana. We focus on campuses where our members are studying, whether in first and second cycle institutions or tertiary institutions. Our emphasis is on building the faith of our members and equipping them to become dynamic disciples who can win and disciple others. Through this, we aim to fulfill the Great Commission by leading people to faith in Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

GLOSA has grown steadily since its inception, with over 500 registered members. We are becoming a vibrant campus ministry and a potential source of future leaders for GlobeServe. Currently, GLOSA operates in 10 zones, and our goal is to expand our reach to include all secondary schools in the Volta Region and the Northern two Regions, where we have a significant number of members.

Make a Difference with GLOSA

Join us in supporting GLOSA and making a meaningful impact on the lives of Ghanaian students. Your contribution can help provide educational opportunities, promote spiritual growth, and create a brighter future for these young individuals. Together, let's invest in their dreams, empower their potential, and uplift their communities. Take action now and be a part of GLOSA's mission to shape the next generation of leaders. Donate today and make a lasting difference in the lives of Ghana's students.