GlobeServe Vocational Training Institute

Transforming Lives, Alleviating Poverty, and Spreading the Gospel

At GlobeServe, our Vocational Training Institute is dedicated to empowering communities by equipping women with valuable vocational skills. We recognize the importance of collective values and family support in Ghanaian culture, and our training programs are designed to align with these principles. Through our holistic approach, we aim to uplift women, improve livelihoods, and bring hope to the villages we serve.

About the Institute

GlobeServe Vocational Training Institute focuses on empowering women with practical skills while embracing the values cherished in Ghanaian communities. We understand the importance of supporting village life and family structures, and our training programs are designed to align with these values. By providing vocational skills education, we aim to enhance the abilities of women to support their families, uplift their villages, and contribute to the overall development of Ghana.

Our Objectives

Skill Development for Women

Our primary objective is to provide women with valuable vocational skills that expand their capabilities and open doors of opportunity. Through our comprehensive training programs in dressmaking, tailoring, embroidery, and crafts, we empower women to acquire practical skills that lead to sustainable income and greater self-sufficiency.

Alleviate Poverty

We are dedicated to alleviating poverty by equipping women with the tools they need to improve their family's and community's economic circumstances. By providing vocational training, we empower women to secure better job opportunities or start their own businesses, fostering economic growth and creating a path out of poverty.

Spread the Gospel

As a Christian organization, we believe in the transformative power of the Gospel. We integrate Christian discipleship principles into our vocational training programs, offering women an opportunity to grow spiritually while acquiring practical skills. Through our commitment to spreading the Gospel, we aim to bring hope, faith, and love to the lives of the women we serve.

Skills Offered

GlobeServe Vocational Training Institute offers training in the following skills:


Create garments reflecting Ghanaian aesthetics. Develop sewing skills to preserve local fashion traditions.


Master the art of customizing clothing to meet community preferences. Enhance Ghanaian fashion and improve lives through tailored solutions.


Learn intricate stitching techniques. Contribute to the creation of culturally significant embellished fabrics.


Explore traditional arts like beadwork, weaving, and pottery. Celebrate Ghana's cultural identity and support craft preservation.

Be a Catalyst for Change in Ghana

Your partnership is vital in our mission to create lasting change in the lives of women and their families in Ghana. By joining us, you can help alleviate poverty, empower communities, and spread the transformative message of the Gospel. Together, we can bring hope, renewal, and transformation to villages across Ghana. Discover how you can make a meaningful impact through donations and partnership. Let's make a difference together.